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Tyler Zibaie


Account Manager |

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Don’t Panic, Tyler is here. As our Account Manager, Tyler Zibaie hits the ground running each day guiding Lighthouse and our clients to the finish line. With a tenured track record as a Marketing Consultant, Tyler has worked with some of the top brands on the planet. From the Music, Lifestyle and Events industries to Legal and Medical, Tyler’s clients can be found in almost every field. Parallel to his career as a Marketing Consultant, Tyler has managed the successful growth and development of multiple, million dollar businesses lead by diverse teams which he personally staff and trained.

As Lighthouse’s Account Manager, Tyler guides our client’s lifecycle, building relationships and ensuring all of our collective goals and deliverables are achieved throughout each production. He also oversees Lighthouse’s Marketing Team!

Tyler is driven by the thrill of accomplishing goals, forging long-lasting relationships, and being an enduring father and husband. He enjoys hiking, boxing, fashion, traveling, learning about new cultures, playing music and discovering new films. Top of his bucket: Write, Produce & Co-Direct a Horror movie as well as

travel to Japan with his family.

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