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Erin Polich

Post Assistant


Always a daydreamer, Erin knew they wanted to find a career where they could weave their love for imagination, expression, and storytelling in one place. The film industry became this destination. Erin made the leap from Michigan to UNC-Wilmington to pursue a dual focus on Film and Philosophy. Fueled by a deep-seated passion for narrative and animation craft, Erin loves that the film industry gives the opportunity to tell beautiful, powerful stories allowing filmmakers to express themselves in a way that nourishes our culture and minds.

Erin embraces their role as Lighthouse’s Post Assistant with a blend of serene confidence and quick wit. Thriving on the diverse challenges of post-production, they can be found organizing and creating selects, archiving, DITing, and editing. When not in Lighthouse’s post wing, our master hat-wearer, finds solace and camaraderie in the immersive realms of fantasy RPGs and adventures of D&D, where they find boundless opportunities for storytelling and shared experiences with friends.

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