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Chris Vinopal


Equipment Manager |

Chris Vinopal

From the moment Chris saw 16mm film footage in Pink Floyds’ Pulse, he knew film was in his future. Lighting, steadicam, operating, photography, stage and equipment management, Chris has done it all. He fits right in at Lighthouse since we share the passion of combining camera movement and problem solving to achieve amazing visual imagery.

It makes sense that Chris’s #1 bucket-list item is bungee jumping (and we plan on filming him doing so in the near future!) As Lighthouse’s Equipment Manager he jumps into each equipment adventure with a “let’s do this” mentality. Chris and his team work tirelessly to meet the equipment needs of our fellow filmmakers and Lighthouse productions. With true team player spirit, Chris’s goal is for productions to have the highest quality equipment, smooth sailing processes, and fun along the way.

Living by the mantra “Be Here, Be Now” this Chicago native fills his time outside of Lighthouse with the amazing combo of writing and playing original music (check out his album “Here We Go Again” on Spotify, iTunes, Apple music, etc.), tasting beer, and wood working.

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