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Brad Walker

Co-Founder + Director & Cinematographer

Founder of Lighthouse Films, Brad Walker has over 20 years of experience in feature, commercial, and documentary filmmaking. As Director and DP, Brad approaches each project with unmatched enthusiasm, determined to tell stories with authenticity, passion and his distinctly emotive cinematic style. Those who’ve had the opportunity to work with Brad are constantly inspired by his fun-loving attitude and excitement for every job. Because to Brad, and the entirety of the

Lighthouse family, filmmaking is a deeply personal process of digging below the surface to find and share the extraordinary.


Guided by his surety of purpose and creative vision, Brad has assembled an impressive team of filmmakers and friends who call Lighthouse home today. Taking every project to the next level is what he lives for, and you can be sure he and his team are going to have fun along the ride.

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