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Getty Creative Spotlight: The Unstoppable Momentum of Women’s Soccer

The growth of women’s and girls' soccer is rapidly increasing. FIFA is aiming to double the number of women’s soccer players globally to 60 million by 2026, and this year, stadium crowds in the Women’s World Cup reached a record total of over 1.9 million fans. The meteoric growth of Spanish‑speaking audiences and the increased investment and attention from brands and media companies have led to the emergence of new professional leagues in countries such as Colombia and Mexico, ultimately increasing the visibility of women's sports worldwide.

Recognizing the need for professional women's soccer content with a global appeal, but with a targeted approach to a team of all Latina players, we recently collaborated with Lighthouse Films to create editorial‑style imagery and a live‑looking broadcast. We spent five months meticulously planning the shoot, which included both women's and men's professional soccer content in both images and video. Extensive pre‑production and coordination were required to assemble the right crew, stadium, players, and fans. To achieve our goal, a large team consisting of 53 crew members, 55 principal cast, 160 extras, and 44 cases of gear was necessary. The uniforms and signs around the stadium were specifically designed for the shoot, ensuring that everything is fully released and legally usable for any brand.


The shoots took place at night in Santiago, Chile, with coverage from six distinct camera angles, comprising a broadcast perspective, aerial drone view, and various ground‑level angles. This allows customers the flexibility to seamlessly merge multiple viewpoints within their narrative. By working with a VFX specialist, we were able to fill the stadium with a crowd of real people we shot throughout the night, creating plates with expert precision.


The result of all this work is a unique set of images and video clips that have the potential to inspire, motivate, and connect with audiences and consumers worldwide. Our VisualGPS consumer survey confirms that this reflects a global cultural shift: 7 in 10 sports fans of all genders want to watch female and male sports equally, and feel that sports brands should do more to promote female athletes authentically — and this sentiment resonates even more with 8 in 10 fans in Latin America, where soccer is especially popular. As women's soccer continues to grow in popularity, brands can participate in this cultural momentum and use women's soccer imagery to create impactful campaigns focusing on concepts of teamwork, emotion, grit, collaboration, competition, and achievement.



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