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You've found our People & Culture page! Below, you'll learn about what life is like at Lighthouse Films as well as articles about our company. Enjoy!



Our Community Initiatives

When we put our efforts together, the impact is stronger.

For each other and for our community. 

So what's life like at Lighthouse Films? 

As storytellers, we’re on a journey to unearth meaning – in the ordinary, the spectacular, and everything in between. Our relentless pursuit of creativity guides every project we undertake to places of profound depth and emotion. 

We're committed to creating a more diverse workplace, set, and community.

We are a team and infinitely stronger when we work together. 



Located in the heart of Downtown Wilmington, NC, in a fully renovated (by Brad, Andrea & their kids) 1900's pharmacy, Lighthouse Films is a sanctuary for creativity.

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Yes. You heard that right. We have snacks for any diet. Keto. Vegan. Vegetarian. Flexitarian. Omnivore. Carnivore. Yes, we love snacks.



We get the job done no matter what. But in the end, we always make sure we have fun doing it. Our day-to-day work isn't mundane. There is always something new and exciting to do, learn and experience. 

When Brad and I met in high school, we were two young souls ready to take on the world. I was passionate about social justice and couldn’t wait to make an impact. Brad saw the world through a camera lens, eager to capture the stories all around him.


Thirty years and a million incredible experiences later, you find us here - leading a film production company, surrounded by an amazing team, in the midst of a beautiful, thriving film community. In many ways, we’re still those wide-eyed kids passionate about…


Stories: There are so many fascinating, complex and heartbreakingly beautiful stories in this world. The intimacy of being entrusted with a story and the responsibility of sharing it are privileges we don’t take lightly. Even after thirty years, good stories still give us excitement, purpose and chills. As artists, it doesn’t get better than that.


Relationships: A film production feels a little like going to summer camp. We share unique experiences and while our time together is short, we build lifetime bonds. It’s our honor to work alongside our clients, fellow filmmakers and our team. Every person we work with changes us, expands our perspective on the world and teaches us something new. Especially our Lighthouse team members, as we do the important work of shepherding stories together. We cannot say enough about the incredible artists who have graced the doors of Lighthouse - we’re forever changed by this beautiful team.


Community:  Our goal is for each person at Lighthouse to be given the opportunity to use their talents for the greater good. Because when we put our efforts together, the impact is even stronger. Brad and I hope each of us finds the opportunity at Lighthouse and beyond to Be The Light. 


Lighthouse continues to be an unbelievable journey. We can’t wait to see what our future holds and the incredible moments, people, and stories that will be a part of it!

Brad & Andrea Walker

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